You can tell how much a person loves another by how they look at them.

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I’ll find you somewhere, show you how much I care.
Mew, “Snow Brigade”
no more stories…

so, i don’t know if any of you listen to a band called Mew. but if you don’t… i would strongly encourage you to do so. i was only recently introduced to them myself, being that they happen to be my boyfriend’s favorite band.

over the past two months, i’ve developed such an emotional connection with their music. being here in Florida, away from everyone and everything i love, has been an extremely trying experience. all of you know how much i’ve really struggled in my time here. i still think it was a great decision, and i don’t regret it one bit, but it has been HARD. anyway, i’ve truly found that listening to Mew is incredibly therapeutic for me on especially difficult days. the musicality calms me- Jonas’ voice soothes me- and i find that, although very depressing in many cases, their lyrics really connect with me. specifically, the album “No More Stories…” strikes a chord with me. the songs “Vaccine”, “Silas the Magic Car”, “Tricks of the Trade”, “Beach”, “Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy” and “Nervous” never, ever fail to lift my anxieties. this is something special to me, because i’ve tried so many methods for coping with my anxiety, and this one requires so little effort. it’s a beautiful thing.

i know some of you suffer from anxiety as well, and have asked me for advice in the past. i sincerely urge you to give Mew a listen. if nothing else, you will have discovered a seriously incredible band.


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